In 2004, Cameron decided to help business escape the tyranny of the big telecom providers. He founded Conversant – an Internet phone company (VoIP) that’s passionate about helping you connect.


Our mission at conversant

Conversant thinks every business deserves the freedom, affordability and control an Internet phone system can offer. So we’ve built an Internet phone company – and a suite of VoIP services – you can depend on.
With Conversant you get a telecom provider that wants to make your business fly.


A hands-on service designed for New Zealand and Australian businesses

Proudly to be locally owned, Conversant has an established and growing base of enthusiastic customers. All Conversant’s technology is developed in-house, using open source software, and is proven to deliver quality and consistency.
As well as flexible services you just can’t get from the big guys. When you contact us, you’ll be dealing with passionate professionals who can give you the answers you need, when you need them.
What’s more, we think being good corporate citizens makes good business sense, so we take our social and environmental commitments seriously.
We work closely with all our customers to understand their telecommunications needs, taking a proactive and problem solving approach to help you get the best possible phone system.

Affordable for any business

Thanks to Conversant’s investment in technology, you can afford an intelligent, modern phone system. When you choose Conversant, you wave goodbye to big phone bills and expensive, under-used PABX boxes.

We host, manage and maintain your phone system for you. You simply pay for what you use, in easy monthly payments. And it’s easy to scale your system up, or down, as your needs change.

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