Using purpose-designed hardware to connect to your cloud PBX will go a long way to ensuring you have a great VoIP experience.

The Conversant Advantage

  • Conversant has tested and uses a range of hardware options to give you a choice of products that offer great value for money and superior performance.
  • Bear in mind that there will usually be a trade-off between mobility and ease of use or call quality, from cabled desktop phones to cordless phones and mobile apps.
  • You can also use other makes and models of VoIP hardware, but they may not be supported by Conversant. For a complete list, have a look here.
  • On the occasion that a non Conversant customer wants to purchase hardware, there will be an additional freight charge which is determined by the size and weight of the package.
  • Choose from the list below based on your specific requirements. Consider the PBX features you need when choosing phones, as not all features are accessible from all phone models. Please note: The prices of the hardware doesn’t include freight.

Having worked with Conversant for a number of years, we have found them friendly and informative. Working with Conversant is uncomplicated and hassle free.

Richard Johnson – Cortell NZ

Conversant VoIP services have been integrated into all aspects of our operations and are now an integral part of our group business.”

James Heywood, Making Movies

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